Pioneer 002 Updates:

1.New transparent Edge Guide with engraved notes for each function:

 2.New Transparent Rail guide attachment:

3. Previous plate to close router table opening is now changed to transparent router holder plate to give an option of better visibility:

4. Vac attachment can be attached to router holder plate directly when used as a router table:

5. Sliding plate is cut in the  middle for bigger range. With new design there is no need for safety lock:

6.New engraving on the sliding plate for easy switch between functions:

7. Enlarged ruler opening with referencing function:

8. New router table function. With 3d printing help you can now build complete router table with fence:


Love the idea of clear parts for added visability during operation.

Only slightly concerned about clear materials durability, polycarbonate would be good, acrylic would be bad.

Grant June 07, 2024

Looks even better and more functional.. also thanks for update has regards shipping.


John haywood June 05, 2024

Awesome news. Thank you.
I can relate to all the improvements, obsessing with details, and the “that could be done better” mentality.

P.S. I actually really like the “*not final color” color.

Vedran June 05, 2024

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