Gramophone Lamp

Handcrafted lamp, made of an aluminum stand, marble PLA encasing and a polycarbonate diffuser disk. It is a dimmable, rechargeable lamp with both a touch and an analog dimmers. Touch function works as a dimmer and to turn on and off the lamp.

Specs of the lamp are as follows:

- Dimensions: 390mm length, 302mm width, 158mm depth
- Weight: 746g
- Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, PLA, polycarbonate
- Light source: COB LED 3W, 5V, 65x7mm light stripe, 400Lm
- Light temperature: 3500K (warm white)
- Battery specs: Rechargeable Lithium Ion 4000mah
- Battery life: Over 24 hours of max brightness
- Power: Type-c USB charger

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